How to Stop Fighting and Improve Communication Skills (+ FREE RESOURCE)

Use these 8 lesser-known strategies to improve communication skills between you and your partner, prevent blow-ups, and learn how to stop fighting so much.
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Arguing in a relationship more often is common after becoming parents. Our excellent communication skills that we work so hard to master seem to fly out the window. The Parenting Junkie focuses on relationships and arguments, good communication skills, and teaches how to improve communication in a relationship. It starts with first learning to improve your communication skills even if your partner isn’t willing to make a change. Developing communication skills can’t hurt your relationship, only improve it. These 8 lesser-known ways to improve communication skills will have a calming, deescalating effect on relationship arguments. You will no longer be known as that couple arguing all the time, who doesn’t seem to know even basic communication skills, and instead will have these effective communication skills in your back pocket to create what you want in your relationship. In this video, you will learn speaking skills in communication so that you can become someone who doesn’t fuel the fire when in conflict. You’ll shift your focus to creating what you do want in your relationship – healthy, effective communication, deep connection, and unconditional love and acceptance.

Don’t just survive…thrive.

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How to Stop Fighting & Improve Communication Skills (+ FREE RESOURCE)

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