85 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Chaos Or Trouble

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Every child is unique. Some are quiet, and some are vocal. Some run around a lot, while some prefer to sit in one place. A few children love to cause trouble wherever they go or at least bother their parents.

If you haven’t named your naughty totty yet, we bring you some beautiful baby names that mean chaos or trouble. Even if you have already named them, you may use any of these as nicknames. Select one for your baby so that their nature shines through them even when they grow up.

Girl Names That Mean Chaos

1. Aella

This is a Greek-origin name that means “whirlwind.” This name is appropriate for your little whirlwind girl.

2. Briar

Briar is a unisex name that is the name of a thorny patch in English.

3. Cecelia

This lovely and preferred name for girls is derived from a Latin word that means “blind.” Cecilia is a variation of this name.

4. Claudia

It is of Latin origin and means “lame” or “enclosure.” It was a common name in ancient Rome.

5. Declan

Declan is a boy’s name that is popular among girls in recent times. It is of Irish origin and means “man of prayer.”

6. Emily

Emily was derived from the Latin word aemulus, which means “rival,” or the Greek word aimylos, which means “wily.” Emily Bronte (author), Emily Dickinson (poet), and Emily Blunt (actor) are famous personalities.

7. Kali

Kali sounds similar to Kaylee or Callie. It is derived from Sanskrit and means “black.” It is also the name of a Hindu Goddess.

8. Keres

Keres is a name of Greek origin and means “evil spirits.”

9. Leah

Leah is a popular name. It is of American or Hebrew origin and means “tired” or “weary.”

10. Mara

This name is of Czech and Hebrew origin, and it means “bitter.” Mara Wilson is the name of the child actress who played leading roles in the movies, Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire.

11. Medea

Medea is the name of Greek origin that means “middle.” It is the name of a mythological princess who murdered her children.

12. Ophelia

Ophelia was derived from the Greek word opheleia, which means “help” or “advantage.” In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the main character’s love interest is named Ophelia.

13. Pandora

Pandora is a name of Greek origin, and it means “all gifted.” However, Pandora was the mythological woman who opened a box and unleashed all the trapped evils on the world.


Persephone is the name of the daughter of the Greek gods Zeus and Demeter. While some consider the name to mean “bringer of death,” others associate it with “dark blue,” “prosperity,” or “spring.”

15. Raven

Raven is usually associated with the color black. It has been derived from Old English. Ravens are worshipped by several Native Americans and are also associated with the Norse God, Odin, father of Thor.

16. Rebecca

Rebecca is a name of biblical origin that means “to tie firmly” or “bind.” It became popular after the popular book named Rebecca.

Boy Names That Mean Chaos

17. Abaddon

Abaddon is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and means “ruin” or “destruction.” This is another name of the angel of the abyss in the New Testament.

18. Alvah

Alvah is a biblical name that means “his highness” in Hebrew. This is an appropriate name for your little prince.

19. Azazel

Azazel is a biblical name derived from Hebrew and means “scapegoat.” Azazel was the name of the recipient of a sacrificial goat.

20. Dashiell

Dashiell is the anglicized version of de Chiel, which is a French surname. It is popular because celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Helen Fielding (of Bridget Jones fame) have named their children Dashiell.

21. Dempsey

Dempsey is the anglicized version of the Gaelic “Ó Díomasaigh,” which translates to “descendent of Díomasach.” It means “the descendant of the proud one.”

22. Diesel

Diesel is a form of Matthias, and it means “people.” Vin Diesel is a popular actor with this surname.

23. Donahue

Donahue is a variant of Donoghue, which means “brown” and “battle” in Gaelic.

24. Draco

Draco is derived from the Greek name Drakon, which means “dragon” or “serpent.” Draco Malfoy is a popular character in the Harry Potter universe.

25. Draven

Draven is an Old English surname that means “hunter.” It has become popular after the 1994 movie, The Crow.

26. Lucifer

Lucifer is the archangel who was cast into hell. Whether or not he is Satan is still unproven.

27. Maddox

Maddox has been derived from Welsh, meaning the “son of Madoc.” Mad means “fortunate” in Welsh. This name became popular when Angelina Jolie named her adopted son Maddox.

28. Mort

Mort is a recent favorite and is a variation of Mortimer. It is derived from Old French mort, which means “dead.”

29. Samael

Samael is often used as a variation of Samuel. Samael is of Hebrew origin, and it means “venom of God.”

30. Saxon

Saxon is a name that is derived from the Saxons, which was a Germanic tribe. It means “knife.”

31. Shammoth

Shammoth is a Christian name of Israeli origin that means desolations.

32. Trenton

Trenton is a name of English origin meaning “Trent’s Town.” Trenten and Trent are variants of this name.

33. Yosemite

Yosemite is the name of an Indian tribe and means “killer” in Miwok. The Yosemite National Park is a famous location based on this name.

Girl Names That Mean Trouble

34. Aiden

This name of Irish origin means “little and fiery.” It is derived from the Celtic name of the Sun God, Aodh.

35. Akuji

This African name means “dead and awake.”

36. Brenna

Brenna is possibly a variation of Brenda or Brennan. Brenda means “sword” in Old Norse, and Brennan can be translated to “descendant of Braonán,” which means “rain,” “moisture,” or “drop.”

37. Camden

This is a unisex name though predominantly used for girls. It is of Scottish origin and means “winding valley.”

38. Deidamia

Deidamia is of Greek origin and means “to destroy.” There are several women in Greek mythology with this name.

39. Deirdre

Deirdre is a popular girl’s name. It is of Irish origin, and it means “sorrowful.”

40. Delilah

Delilah is a biblical name of Hebrew and Arabic origins. In the bible, Delilah cut off Samson’s hair and gave it to the Philistines. This name became famous in pop culture after the song, “Hey there Delilah.”

41. Harley

Harley is derived from Old English and means “hare’s meadow.” Harley Quinn is a popular comic character.

42. Hecate

Hecate is of Greek origin and means “not a good omen.” Hecate is the Greek goddess of witchcraft and necromancy.

43. Hunter

Hunter is a unisex name that was originally a surname. It is derived from the Old English hunta.

44. Huyana

Huyana is predominantly a girl’s name that is finding popularity with parents of boys as well. It is of Native American origin and means “rain falling” in Miwok.

45. Jezebel

Jezebel is derived from Hebrew and means “not exalted.” Though Jezebel was not a preferred name due to biblical reasons, there is an upswing in the popularity of this name in recent times.

46. Jinx

Jinx or Jynx means “charm” in English. This name is derived from the Greek word iynx, which means “a bird used in witchcraft.”

47. Lilith

Lilith is derived from lilitu in Akkadian and means “of the night.” Adam’s first wife was named Lilith. She was rejected and turned into a demon.

48. Lorelei

Lorelei is a name of German origin that means “ambush cliff.” It is based on a legend about a girl who lured fishermen off a cliff.

49. Malala

Malala means “sad” or “grieved” in Pashto. Malala Yousafzai is a famous Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize winner.

50. Mary

Mary is quite a popular name. It is derived from the Hebrew Maryam or Miriam, which means “drop of the sea.” Religious people may name their children Mary after Virgin Mary.

51. Miette

Miette is a French name that may be a variation of Marguerite. However, in modern parlance, it means “crumb.”

52. Portia

Portia is of Latin origin and means “doorway.” However, some older sources say that Portia means “pig.” Portia is the name of a character in Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice.

53. Rebel

If your child is a little rebel, you can give her this name. Rebel means “defiant person” in English.

54. Salome

This is a biblical name that means “peace.” Salome is also the daughter of Herodias who was presented with the head of John the Baptist after dancing for Herod. It is also the name of a 4th century saint.

55. Shenzi

Shenzi means “savage,” “uncouth,” or “of poor quality” in Swahili. It is the name of a hyena in The Lion King animated movie.

56. Sidero

Sidero is a name of Greek origin that means “iron.” Sidero was the abusive stepmother of Tyro in Greek mythology and she was later murdered by Tyro’s son, Pelias.

57. Valkyrie

This powerful name conjures images of warrior princesses. It is derived from Old Norse valr, which means “chooser of the slain.”

Boy Names That Mean Trouble

58. Aridam

Aridam is a relatively new name of Indian origin. It means “destroyer of foes.”

59. Blaise

Blaise is a derivative of the Roman name Blasius, which in turn was derived from the Latin blaesus that means “lisping.” Blaise Pascal is a well-known French mathematician.

60. Breaker

Breaker is a name of English origin and means “a wave that makes white foam on the shore.” Though typically a surname, Breaker and its variants are gaining popularity as first names.

61. Brendan

Brendan might mean “prince” in Irish, but some older sources say that it could mean “stinking hair.”

62. Brutus

Brutus means “heavy” in Latin. The most famous personality having the name Brutus is the one who assassinated Julius Caesar.

63. Calvin

Calvin is a popular name because of Calvin Klein and “Calvin and Hobbes.” It originates from Latin and means “bald” or “hairless.”

64. Cohen

Cohen is a name of Hebrew origin and means “priest.” It is typically a surname but is gaining popularity as a first name in recent times.

65. Damon

Damon is a name of Greek origin and means “to kill.” Matt Damon is a famous Hollywood actor with this surname.

66. Danger

This is a quirky name preferred because Austin Powers famously said, “Danger is my middle name!” This name needs no explanation.

67. Devland

Devland is a variant of Devlin. It is of Irish origin and means “unlucky” or “misfortune.”

68. Dexter

Dexter is a popular name, thanks to the Cartoon Network show about the nerdy scientist boy. Dexter was also the name of a serial killer. It means “on the right-hand side.”

69. Eb

As Eb is a short and unique name, many parents prefer it for their sons. Eb means sorting people into groups using different criteria such as occupation, place of birth, clan, parentage, or physical characteristics.

70. Ephai

Ephai is a biblical name in Hebrew and it means “gloomy” or “bird-like.” It is also the name of a character in the Old Testament.

71. Fogarty

Fogarty is an Irish surname that is gaining popularity as a first name. It means “male descendant of Fogartach,” “banished,” or “exiled.”

72. Gulliver

Gulliver comes from Old French and means “glutton” or “greedy person.” Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels made this name popular.

73. Helmar

Helmar is a name of Swedish derivation. It could mean “famous protector” or “fighting fury.”

74. Jacoby

Jacoby is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin and it means “supplanter.” It is a variant of the name Jacob and is typically a surname.

75. Jett

Jett is the name of a mineral. John Travolta and George Lucas named their children Jett because they were interested in aviation.

76. Matchitehew

This name is of Native American origin, and it means “a person with an evil heart.”

77. Melville

Melville is a predominantly Scottish name. It comes from the Norman French place name Malleville, which means “bad town.”

78. Moriarty

Moriarty is from the Irish Ó Muircheartach, which means “descendant of Muirchertach (mariner).” It is the name of the villain in the famous Sherlock Holmes books.

79. Paine

Paine is derived from Payne, which in turn was derived from the Latin paganus that means “heathen.” In earlier times, pagan meant “rural” or “rustic.”

80. Rowden

Rowden is a place near Hereford where the Rowdens lived. It is derived from Old English and means “rough” or “overgrown.”

81. Rowdy

Rowdy is a predominantly American name that means boisterous. Rowdy Gaines is a famous US Olympic swimmer.

82. Terach

Terach is a variation of the name Terah, which is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and means “station.” Terah was the name of the father of Abraham in the Old Testament.

83. Tristan

Tristan is a derivative of the Latin tristi,s which means “sad.” Tristan was a soldier in medieval France who went to fetch Isolde but ended up falling in love with her due to a potion.

84. Tynan

Tynan is of Irish origin and means “dark” or “dusty.” It is more popular in recent times than Tyson or Tyler.

85. Wolf

Wolf is the name of an animal or a short form of Wolfgang. Wolf could stand for fierce or quiet.

Every parent wants to give their children a unique name. If you are a parent looking for a name that means chaos or trouble, these names will be useful for you. You can make sure your child stands out in a crowd with these names.

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